Materials that support the transition towards a more sustainable artistic practice

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Photo of Microalgae, Wood powder

Microalgae, Wood powder

Laura Bordini

Photo of Scoby


Francesca Zeccara

Photo of Root


Mathilde Wittock

Photo of Grape leaves

Grape leaves

Parmeet Kaur Tesson

Photo of Grass


Akash Kumar

Photo of Chicken bone

Chicken bone

Candyce Dryburgh

Photo of Pectin


Lena Giering

Photo of Meat and bone meal

Meat and bone meal

Lilith Stumpf

Photo of Mycelium, Clay

Mycelium, Clay

Lorenzo Silvestri

Photo of Cellulose


Müge Yildiz

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Future Materials Encounters live from Dutch Design Week

Photo of #21 On Weaving, AI, and 3D printing

Encounter #21 On Weaving, AI, and 3D printing

Eline ten Busschen, Pei-Ying Lin

Photo of #20 The future of paint

Encounter #20 The future of paint

Dorieke Schreurs, Jesse Adler

Photo of #19 Pollution

Encounter #19 Pollution

Gaia D’Arrigo

Photo of #18 Tree Bark

Encounter #18 Tree Bark

Studio Sarmīte

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