Materials that support and promote the transition towards a more sustainable artistic practice.

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Photo of Color is Alive


Photo of Compostable biomaterials

Organic waste

Photo of Wooden Textiles


Photo of The Seaweed Gatherer


Photo of smogware

Air pollution

Photo of A Material Exploration Project: Polynewton Tile

Paper pulp, Egg white

Photo of In The Spirit of Kamiko

Nettle, Willow fibres

Photo of Agro Biomaterials

Organic waste

Photo of

Hemp Residue

Photo of Mother's Milk Cheese

Mother’s Milk

Photo of

Medlar Seeds, Tree leaf

Photo of The irresistible illusion of finding a solution

Bacteria, Food waste

Photo of LIFORM: Living Megastructures

Mycelium, Rope

Photo of Back to dirt - A bio-inclusive process with mycelium


Photo of The Growing Pavilion


Photo of

Human hair

Photo of Recoloured, a new way of recycling

Recycled Plastic

Photo of Chrysalis

Recycled Plastic

Photo of Remade textiles

Recycled Plastic

Photo of Endèmica

Posidonia Oceanica

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