Materials that support the transition towards a more sustainable artistic practice

Recent additions

Photo of Mycelium

Clara Acioli

Photo of Olive pomace

Olive pomace
Anna Perugini

Photo of Orange peel

Orange peel

Photo of Manna

Mangano & van Rooy

Photo of Agar agar, Vegetable glycerine

Agar agar, Vegetable glycerine
Lotta Bauer

Photo of Himalayan balsam

Himalayan balsam
Sophie Ferrier

Photo of Rubber

Eline van Dijkman

Photo of Natural Dye

Natural Dye
Addoley Dzegede

Photo of Olivine

Lucia Giron

Photo of Microalgae, Wood powder

Microalgae, Wood powder
Laura Bordini

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Recent Encounters

Photo of #22 Manna

Encounter #22 Manna
Mangano & van Rooy

Photo of #21 On Weaving, AI, and 3D printing

Encounter #21 On Weaving, AI, and 3D printing
Eline ten Busschen, Pei-Ying Lin

Photo of #20 The future of paint

Encounter #20 The future of paint
Dorieke Schreurs, Jesse Adler

Photo of #19 Pollution

Encounter #19 Pollution
Gaia D’Arrigo

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