Materials that support the transition towards a more sustainable artistic practice

Recent additions

Photo of Chicken bone

Chicken bone

Candyce Dryburgh

Photo of Pectin


Lena Giering

Photo of Meat and bone meal

Meat and bone meal

Lilith Stumpf

Photo of Mycelium, Clay

Mycelium, Clay

Lorenzo Silvestri

Photo of Cellulose


Müge Yildiz

Photo of Building waste

Building waste

Mayra Deberg Alencar

Photo of Reclaimed clay, Glaze residue

Reclaimed clay, Glaze residue

Chryssa Kotoula

Photo of Trainers


Gwenllian Spink

Photo of Recycled plastic

Recycled plastic

Kuo Duo

Photo of Fique fibre, Charcoal

Fique fibre, Charcoal


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