Materials that support the transition towards a more sustainable artistic practice

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Photo of Latex


Magdalena Sophie Orland

Photo of Nettle, Ramie

Nettle, Ramie

Xue Chen

Photo of Seeds


Antonia Ablass

Photo of Fruit


Enola Gil La Rocca

Photo of Pine sawdust, Sodium alginate

Pine sawdust, Sodium alginate

David Cabra

Photo of Charcoal, Sodium alginate

Charcoal, Sodium alginate

David Cabra

Photo of Sodium alginate

Sodium alginate

Lucrezia Alessandroni

Photo of Kombucha paper

Kombucha paper

Asli Hatipoglu

Photo of Iron Oxide pigment, Biopolymer

Iron Oxide pigment, Biopolymer

Dorieke Schreurs

Photo of Mussel


Licia Desideri

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