Encounter #4 Stinging nettle

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Filmed on 19 May, 2022 at the Jan van Eyck Academie

Future Materials presents its fourth Encounter – Stinging Nettles, a project developed by designers Polina Baikina (Studio laVina) and Verara Lazareva.

Experience and craftmanship allowed ancient communities to use every part of the nettle plant to their advantage. Polina and Verara’s ancestors used nettle-derived materials for a wide range of purposes, ranging from clothes to toys. Now, the two designers set out to revive and adapt these ancient crafts by developing a wide range of materials from its thatch, fibres, roots, and more. Working with nettle has inspired them to rethink the rhythm of their practice and embrace slower and more organic temporalities.

During the workshop, participants created a paper-like material by separating the stem fibres from thatch and dipping them in water.