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Recorded on 23 June, 2022 at the Jan van Eyck Academie

The fifth Future Materials Encounter unpacks flax fibres with Cassie Quinn in conversation with Melanie Bomans.

In her project Inflaxuous, Cassie Quinn investigates how fashion and material design can support regenerative agricultural practices by creating more value for crops such as flax. By combining traditional crafts with digital techniques, her project offers insights into the temperament and history of this material, emphasizing the importance of looking back as much as we should look forward.

Flax, as linen, was a widespread cultivation in Europe in the past centuries. Gradually abandoned by the growth of industrial agriculture and globalisation, it is not rediscovered for its ecological, social, and cultural value. Sharing their perspectives from Ireland and from The Netherlands, Cassie and Melanie. discussed some of the stories nested in flax fibres – stories of cultural heritage and labour, of bodies enmeshed in materials such as flax, of resistance of nature to technology, and others.