Bacterial pigments, silk, velvet

Sand, Soil

Sediments (from the location a diverse mix of Sand, Soil, Clay, Stones), Water

Reclaimed Copper

Reclaimed Copper


Woodchip, MYG (Malt extract, Yeast, Glucose) culture or Beer

Human hair

Human hair, wool, cotton

Found objects

Found objects: wood, plastic, metal, etc anything that provokes an intrinsic response

Styrofoam waste

Styrofoam waste, pigment


Wood, Cotton, Steel


Wood sawdust, mycelium, glued-laminated-bamboo (GLB), castor oil resin

Olive pomace

Olive pomace, algae based biodegradable binder

Orange peel

Seaweed, straw, bioadhesives (seaweed)


ash, clay, manna

Agar agar, Vegetable glycerine

agar agar, Vegetable glycerine, water, iron oxide

Himalayan balsam

himalayan balsam, brown algae, Arabic gum



Natural Dye

cotton fabric, dried dye plants or natural dye extracts (madder and weld), alum (potassium aluminium sulfate), soda ash (sodium carbonate), vinegar (acetic acid), guar gum, chalk (calcium carbonate), wheat bran


olivine, calcite, photosynthetic cyanobacteria sp. synechococcus, calcium carbonate

Microalgae, Wood powder

water, gelatine/xanthan gum, glycerine, microalgae (chlorella vulgaris), wood powder


Bacterial cellulose (scoby), wool fibres, natural latex foam, wood


Grassroot, alginate, glycerine, water, scaffold

Grape leaves

Organic silk, Grape leaves


Grass, water

Chicken bone

Bone ash, Cornwall stone, China clay


Pectin, glycerine, water

Meat and bone meal

Meat and bone meal (MBM), agar agar, water, glycerine

Mycelium, Clay

Mycelium, Clay, Sawdust, Flour, Xanthan gum, Water


Cellulose nanofibre (CNF), CMF, agar agar, potassium ferricyanide, ferric ammonium citrate

Building waste

Construction and demolition waste - granite and marble stone, ceramic brick, glass, ceramic tile; granite dust and cement

Reclaimed clay, Glaze residue

Reclaimed clay, glaze residue


Fabric, rubber, wood, shoelaces, thread

Recycled plastic

Recycled LDPE

Fique fibre, Charcoal

Structure: (ceramic, wood, etc), fique fibre, charcoal, glue.


Beeswax, agar agar, micro-algae pigments, linen

Phenol, Sodium Ascorbate

Ascorbic scid (vitamin C), sodium carbonate (wash soda), fruit and plant extract, vinegar, water, rain water


Biochar, soil, straw.

Wool, Earth

Earth, natural wool.

Recycled plastic

Recycled plastic (PP, HDPE, LDPE), wood, cork scraps.


Scoby (probiotic microbial cellulose), organic black tea, sugar.

Asbestos, River clay

River clay from the Maas, treated asbestos chamotte (0-2 mm).

Clay, Iron sludge

Stoneware clay, iron sludge, transparent glaze.

Microgreens, Agar

Microgreens, agar, water and vegetal glycerine.

Menstrual blood

Menstrual blood, gelatine, water.

Pine needle

Pine needle, thread.


Natural latex, food colouring.

Nettle, Ramie

100% Nettle with ramie, dye by invasive plants (eg, buddleia, snowberry, nettle, dockleaf, green alkanet, symphytum, etc.).


Seeds, organic cotton, viscose.


Dry fruit, vegetable glycerine, calcium, algae, water.

Pine sawdust, Sodium alginate

Sodium alginate, pine tree sawdust, glycerine, and soybean oil.

Charcoal, Sodium alginate

Sodium alginate, active charcoal, glycerine, and soybean oil.

Sodium alginate

Sodium alginate, calcium chloride, MRS agar.


Green tea, sugar, scoby (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), ink.

Iron oxide, Biopolymer

Iron oxide pigment, biopolymers, water, natural additives.


Mussels' byssus, sodium alginate, calcium chloride, vinegar, tannic acid, lime, gelatine.


Selected fungal strains (mycelium), sawdust.


Human urine, used cooking oil, and wood ashes.

Tinder fungus

Tinder fungus (amadou), wool (lining of the vest).

Recycled plastic

Metal, wire mesh, polythene bags, plastic strips used for packaging second-hand clothes, acrylic paint, rubber and binding wire.

Morning glory, Bindweed

Morning glory, bindweed.

Oyster shell

Oyster shell, mineral.


Sugar, glucose syrup.


Kelp, bladderwrack dye, wood.


Mycelium (yellow oyster mushroom), wood, jute string, chairs.

Wool waste

Post-production waste wool, cellulose, water.


Mycelium, sawdust.

Paper waste

Paper, water-based adhesive and natural mineral colour powder.

Natural indigo, Buckthorn seeds

Natural indigo (indigofera tinctorum), buckthorn seed (rhamnus petiolaris boiss), agar agar (eucheuma), guar gum (cyamopsis tetragonoloba), arabic gum (acacia senegal), alum (potassium alum).


Avocado stones (Persea americana), agar agar (Eucheuma), guar gum (cyamopsis tetragonoloba), arabic gum (acacia senegal), sodium bicarbonate (baking soda).

Avocado seed

Brown algae extract, tree resin, deadstock fabrics, glycerine.

Recycled HDPE


Avocado seed

Avocado seeds, sodium alginate, water

Banana leaves

Banana leaf, aloe vera coating

Hay, Hemp

Fibres of hay and hemp, dry formulation of active serum made with plant extracts

Garment labels

Labels from discarded garments, nylon yarn



Paper waste

Paper, cardboard, receipts, wheat flour, rice flour, rice paste, agar agar, corn starch


Eggshell, sodium alginate, natural pigment (yerba mate, eucalyptus bark, coal), eco varnish, calcium carbonate

Waste leather

Leather, hide glue


Mycelium, hemp straw

Mussel shell

Mytilus chilensis shells, alginate solution, vinegar

Lignin, Cellulose

Lignin, cellulose

Denim waste, Mycelium

Denim textile waste, coffee ground, glycerol, mycelium, wax, water, vegetable peel

Red cabbage

Red cabbage waste, water, alum, sodium bicarbonate, citrus acid

Japanese knotweed

Japanese knotweed, metal

Ceramic waste

Ceramic materials (clay/glaze), sand, granite, glass, feldspar, quartz, and numerous other geological materials

Castor oil

Castor oil, aluminium, LED strip


Cyanobacteria, water, glass, sun

Soil, Seeds

Local Jerusalem soil, local Mediterranean seeds, humus (fertiliser)




Grass, metal

Peapod peel

Peapod peel, CMC, MCC, birch pulp


Microbial cellulose (SCOBY), natural dyes


Rambutan waste, water, glycerine, cassava starch, natural colourants extracted from food waste

Lichen, Wool, Cotton

Lichen, wool, cotton, wine, paper yarn


Clay, cardboard, wicker, pallet, fishing net, coconut fibre


Pollution, latex, organic latex



Corn husk, Corn cob

Corn husks, corn cobs, cassava starch


Tree bark, water, cotton, alum


Clay, marl, limestone, sand, chalk, coal ash, brick, granite

Nutshell, Pine resin

Nutshell, pine resin, coconut oil, beeswax

Ceramic, Coffee ground

Ceramic, coffee ground, water



Recycled plastic

Recycled plastic

Olivine, Oyster shell

Olivine powder, oyster shell powder, alginate

Shell, Kelp

Seashell, bull-kelp seaweed.

Prickly pear

Prickly pear fibre, natural oil for finishing

Human hair

Human hair dyed with hydrogen peroxide, olive soap, and water

Rice husk

Rice husk, rice glue, corn starch, agar agar, glycerine, water


Sucrose (C12H22O11).


Eggshell, pine dust, coffee ground.


Kelp seaweed, glycerine, distilled water

Gin waste

gin waste, architecture waste – dust and broken marble

Coffee ground

Industrial coffee ground, PLA

Candle soot

Candle soot, indoor air pollution, textile

Chewing gum

Recovered chewing gum, natural pigment

Lignin, Cellulose, Rubber

Lignin powder, cellulose fibre, natural latex rubber, charcoal powder, cork


Eelgrass,seaweed, seaweed insulation, acoustic batt (compressed), reused wood, seashell, sisal rope, metal rod, potato plant

Hanji paper

Hanji paper, Hansan Mosi (Korean ramie), ott, mother of pearl


aliivibrio fischeri bacteria, calcium sulphate, sodium chloride, calcium chloride, magnesium sulphate.

Coffee sacks

Coffee sacks, steel, natural linen thread, soil, clay, straw, grass

Japanese knotweed

Japanese knotweed pulp, calcium carbonate, water, gum arabica, sodium alginate

Industrial waste

Paper, nettle, linseed oil, brick, coal ash, soil, steel slag, algae, rock, wood

Human hair

Human hair, cotton, silk


Fungal culture, solvent (organic or inorganic), natural oils and waxes

Calcite grain

Calcite grain, glycerine, vinegar, gelatine, alginate


Stone, clay, straw, wood, manure, grass

Soy hull

Soy hulls, cellulose.


Bacterial pigments, nutrient broth, stainless steel, aluminium, upcycled perspex, 3D prints, stepper motor, pumps, conveyor rolls


Sunflower fibre, sunflower wax, sunflower pigments

Food waste

(Dried) onion peel powder, shrimp shell, rea residue, pomegranate peel powder, melon peel, potato peel, mushroom

Gelatine, Glycerine

Gelatine, glycerine, vinegar(optional), water or tea

Maritime waste

Rope waste, recycled PET yarn, organic cotton yarn

Bone, Trash

Bones, plastic, metal, wood, egg shells

Waste plasterboard

Waste plasterboard, water, recycled paints

Sawdust, Limestone waste

Sawdust, limestone slurry, marble dust, agar agar, glycerine, water, indigo

Fishing rope, Rubber grain

Collected fishing rope, fishing cage rope which is made of cotton and nylon, recycled rubber grain


Bioplastics and leather sheets: agar agar, astaxanthin, spirulina, blue spirulina, carrageenan kappa, kelp, glycerine.
Seacrete Panels: calcium chloride, alginate, oyster shell powder, seaweed dye, seaweed pieces


Eggshell waste, sodium alginate, glycerine, oil, water, shetland sheepwool


Wheatgrass, water

Ott tree

Ott-chil (natural lacquer), paper, bone glue

Body fluid

Menstrual fluid, sodium alginate, alum, seaweed, tea tree oil, water

Rock flour

Rock flour, paper, hemp string


Animal bone, animal teeth, brass/copper wire, glue, acrylic

Human hair

Plaster (only used in the video), canvas, and human hair

Agar agar, Gelatine, Glycerine

Agar agar, gelatine, glycerine, water, charcoal, spirulina, and natural dye

Food waste

Banana peel, turmeric, avocado dye, avocado peel, orange peel, gelatine, water, cherry ink, glycerine, wax

Recycled plastic


E-Waste glass

e-waste glass

Recycled paper

Recycled paper, flour, water, seeds, nutrient

Recycled clay, Recycled plastic

Recycled stoneware clay, recycled glass, recycled LDPE plastic clay bags, recycled wine bottles, nepheline syenite, talc, kaolin, eggshells

Pineapple waste

Pineapple fibre, pineapple leaf bagasse, natural latex, casein, fig sap, and gelatine

Tea waste

Tea waste, water, glycerine, starch, vinegar


Clay, eggshell, nepheline syenite, kaolin, talc, cmc gum


Sheep wool, botanical dye, botanical pigment, PLA

Textile, Clothes moth

Clothes moths biowaste, damar gum, wood, metal, perspex, textiles


Yaré (heterosis a)

Fish scale

Fish scale (salmon and sardine)

Recycled HDPE, Recycled PP

Stone stencil, iron construction, recycled HDPE, recycled PP, recycled PE-type plastic

Agar agar

Agar agar, water, raspberries

Hemp, Microgreens

Hemp, microgreens, cotton, beeswax


Salt, water

Common reed

Common reed

Eggshell, Coffee ground

Eggshell, coffee ground, sodium alginate, glycerine, vinegar, water

Food waste

Agar agar, glycerol, eggshells, used coffee grounds, onion peels, lemongrass, orange peels, lime peels, almond shells, macadamia shells, coconut residue, tea leaves, salacca peels/seeds, banana peels, roselle, ginger peels, avocado peels, charcoal, mangosteen peels

Wool, Natural dye

Drenthe heath wool, botanical dyes

Dog fur

Dog fur

Biopolymer gel

Carbon-sequestering biopolymer gel

Ostrich feathers

Ostrich feathers, bio-cotton

Agricultural waste

Agricultural waste, bioresin, mycelium

Recycled plastic

Ocean plastic, bio resin


Hydrowood timber veneer offcuts, resin

Corn husk

Corn husk, corn starch, glycerine, vinegar

Potato starch

Gelatine, potato starch, water, glycerine, turmeric powder, butterfly pea flower tea

Potato starch

Potato starch, glycerine, vinegar, calcium propionate, organic pigments, water



Gelatine powder

Gelatine powder, water, glycerine, turmeric powder, tea bags

Orange peel, Coffee chaff

Orange peel, coffee chaff waste, plant-based binder


Soft vine sticks, 1/2 tsp Arabic gum, 1/4 tsp guar gum, thyme oil, cloves

Organic waste

Coffee waste, tea waste, orange peel, wheat bran


Mulberry cambium, cotton or silk thread


Knotted-wrack seaweed (ascophyllum nodosum), hemp cord

Air pollution

Porcelain, transparent glaze, air pollution

Paper pulp, Egg white

Waste paper cups, dehydrated egg white, waste coffee grounds

Nettle, Willow fibre

Nettle fibre, willow bark fibre, mitsumata fibre, PVA glue

Organic waste

Organic waste, cornstarch, white vinegar, vegetal glycerine, recycled esparto fibres

Hemp residue

Vegetable-based additives

Mother milk

Mother milk, rennet

Medlar seeds, Tree leaves

Medlar starch seeds, tree leaf veins, glycerine, vinegar, water, sodium bicarbonate

Bacteria, Food waste

Bacteria, organic urban waste from the food and production industry

Mycelium, Rope

Mycelium, rope


Pleurotus mycelium, paper waste, reclaimed textiles (cotton, denim, cotton organza, pineapple linen), soil


Wood, mycelium, residual flows from the agricultural sector, bulrush (cattail), cotton

Human hair

Human hair, PLA

Recycled plastic

Post-consumer plastic, HDPE.

Recycled plastic

Post-consumer plastic, HDPE

Recycled plastic

Post-consumer plastic, HDPE

Posidonia oceanica

Posidonia fibre, bio-epoxy resin

Willow tree

Willow tree

Cardboard pulp

Cardboard pulp, clay


Mycelium, woodchip, cellulose, clay, water