Dorieke Schreurs

Doing research, pioneering new approaches, changing mindsets and perspectives is what Dorieke is involved with as an artist, researcher, and educator. She explores different ways to use materials, expanding possibilities and, in the process, creating a foundation for sustainable development in the world of colour and the arts – worlds which strive for synergy with nature and the sciences. The focus on sustainability and cradle-to-cradle processes as an artist, means that her work is becoming more and more intertwined with other disciplines in the creative industry and beyond. The ultimate goal is to be able to contribute to the transition into a more sustainable creative field, in which the use of non-polluting, non- toxic materials made from renewable resources is accessible to anyone. Dorieke contributed to the Future Materials Bank with her project Continuous Color.

Photo of #20 The future of paint

Encounter #20 The future of paint

Dorieke Schreurs, Jesse Adler

Photo of Iron oxide, Biopolymer

Iron oxide, Biopolymer

Dorieke Schreurs