Sakeb is a design and research collective that works on, about, and through waste. They experiment on a wide range of leftover industrial waste like stone slurry and sawdust, earth waste from construction sites, and natural binders to create furniture and everyday products. Their designs recognize the potentials of the natural drying processes of biomaterials and embrace them with the forms they adopt. Sakeb was founded in 2019 in Ramallah by Mariam Dahabreh and Raghad Saqfalhait. They participated in a number of local and international exhibitions including Sharjah Architecture Triennale 2023, Milan Design Week 2022, Amman Design Week 2019, Art Jameel, Khalil Sakakini Center, Warehouse421, and Beit Obaid Al-Shamsi.

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Photo of Sawdust, Limestone waste

Sawdust, Limestone waste