Material Policy

The Future Materials Bank guides artists through the plethora of available alternatives. Selecting sustainable materials is tricky. Materials often don’t consist of just one component or the supply chain might be very un-transparent. This makes that often there is no direct answer to whether a material is ‘future-proof’ and if it will still be relevant in our imagined sustainable future. For instance: we know plastic is a damaging material for our environment, releasing micro-plastics into our oceans, soil and even our own body. Should we even then still work with recycled plastics that help deal with managing this waste? Or another example: how sustainable is an organic raw material that has been grown and harvested on the other side of the world, but is still shipped and therefore has a big carbon footprint?  To bring those different focus points together and create a more holistic overview of the materials we created a list of questions that we asked ourselves before adding the materials to the database. We invite you to ask yourself these questions too when selecting your materials.


Environmental friendliness

Social circumstances