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Biodegradable 222 Bioplastic 72 Circular 206 Composite 95 Plant-based 161 Recyclable 110 Algae 9 Calcium carbonate 4 Natural wax 3


Photos: Austėja Platūkytė

Zero waste | Experimental packaging from algae-based material

While working on this project Austėja have followed a zero-waste philosophy and sought to shed light on an increasingly prevalent problem of environmental pollution. This project is a result of an experimental practice that was aimed at finding a substitute for synthetic plastic using only natural resources which would, later on, form a new cycle of nature.

The designer has tested a number of natural materials as well as their mixtures before she came up with the most suitable solution - biodegradable algae-based material. This new material perfectly holds its shape, is waterproof, and protects the product against possible damage. Made of only two natural ingredients, this material is wholly organic and compostable. After the product is consumed, its packaging can simply be composted or used as a fertiliser. Even if this packaging has been discarded as waste, due to natural processes and micro-organisms it will again become a part of nature, forming new layers of chalk, and will cause no harm to the environment or other forms of life at all.

Information submitted by the maker and edited by the Future Materials Bank.


Agar obtained from red algae, calcium carbonate, natural wax.