Banana peel

Banana peel


The concept is to transform the banana peel from a waste product into a sustainable, natural material and therefore extend the circular loop of the banana fruit.

KUORI is a concept of a biodegradable alternative material under consideration by the recycling economy. It consists of banana peel, which gets thrown away as a by-product of our daily consumption. Bananas are among the most popular fruits in Switzerland. In contrast to also-popular domestic apples, the entire demand for bananas must be imported. This takes 20-30 days and costs a lot of energy, so why don't we use the whole banana?

The experiment serves as an approach to solve the disposal of non-recyclable products. The existing material allows cautious processing, such as sewing, cutting, gluing, laser cutting, injection moulding, granulate production and film extrusion.


Sarah Harbarth


Circular Economy? All Banana or what? KUORI, a biodegradable Alternative Material (Video)


IKT, Windisch Brugg, HGK Institut Industrial Design, Basel

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Sarah Harbarth