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Biodegradable 222 Circular 206 Dye 45 Plant-based 161 Recyclable 110 Textile 85 Vegan 85 Tree bark 3


Photos: Bark pigment by Lucila Kenny

Bark pigment and bark tanning

Bark of various trees can be used for making pigments as well as for tanning of leather. Bark tanning is the ancient process of creating a durable, water repellent leather by tanning animal hide with the bark from trees. The process takes several months to complete but will result in a finished leather that you can use to create attire, clothing accessories, saddles, wallets, and other leather items.

For creating colours you can think of Alder (orange) Butternut Tree (light yelllow-orange), Eucalyptus (all parts, leaves and bark: deep rust red, yellow, green, orange and chocolate brown, best for silk or wool fibers), Birch (Light brown, alum to set) Broom (yellow/brown), Grand Fir (pink) Dogwood (blue), Canadian Hemlock (reddish brown) and many more!

Information submitted by the maker and edited by the Future Materials Bank.


Tree bark