Bone, Trash


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Animal material 63 Composite 99 Recycled 123 Bone 6

Bone, Trash

Photos: Marie Caye


Close to the endpoint of the river Maas near Maastricht, a small island has been constructed as a natural reserve. Mostly inaccessible by humans, the human traces, however, remain: an astonishing amount of garbage carried by the river gathers on the island. In the mud, one can find pieces of bones and plastic side by side, ageing similarly, almost as though they belonged to the same origin.

Constructed together into fictional skeletons and remains, this cyborg matter constructs the image of a time after ours. With the earth continuing cycles of transformation without us.

Additional information

Thereafter is made of natural materials and garbage found during walks in nature reserves which are then later assembled.

Information submitted by the maker and edited by the Future Materials Bank.


Bones, plastic, metal, wood, egg shells


Jan Van Eyck Academy