Natural cork, cement, sand


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Board material 29 Composite 95 Cement 2 Cork 2 Sand 4

Natural cork, cement, sand

Photos: Thomas Wiuf Schwarz & DESIGN STUDIO NIRUK


Surface. Floor. Wall panelling.
With CORCRETE, DESIGN STUDIO NIRUK has developed a very special material for interior design. A symbiosis of elements: soft meets hard, flexible meets rigid. CORCRETE is a composite of natural cork and cool concrete. The texture is warm and pleasant to the touch.CORCRETE is durable, resilient and versatile. Properties that inspired DESIGN STUDIO NIRUK to also use the material in furniture design.

Curiosity and a passion for materials are the drivers that fuel Nina Ruthe and David
Antonin’s development process: on request, CORCRETE is available in tile format and in customised designs. The studio is also open for joint projects with manufacturers and for conceptual advancement of the material. Currently, CORCRETE is available in three colours: white, grey and black.

In 2016, CORCRETE received both the Green Product Award and the Interieur Award.

Information submitted by the maker and edited by the Future Materials Bank.


Natural cork, cement, sand.

Physical samples

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