Cow intestine




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Cow intestine

Inside Out

We already value the milk, meat, skin, heart and tongue of a cow. But what about the intestines? Interested in making use of the unused, Kathrine Barbo Bendixen found ‘a second life’ for these unloved innards. ‘Inside Out’ is a man-made lamp with an animal-made material and shape. It comprises 50 metres of cleaned, inflated intestines from a single cow. The twist is natural, as is the white, mother-of-pearl sheen; LED tube lights inserted inside account for the glow. As the air slowly escapes over time, the lamp − like the cow that produced it − will perish. The design is meant for sustainable restaurants; with their new dishes they may also have to introduce new lights.

Text submitted by the maker

Ingredient list

Cow intestines.

Photo credits

Mathias Kruse Jørgensen, Olivia Rohde

Physical samples

Accessible to visitors of the Future Materials Lab