Recycled Fishing Rope, Recycled Rubber Grain


Made in

Composite 95 Polymer 38 Recyclable 110 Recycled 115

Recycled Fishing Rope, Recycled Rubber Grain


‬Despite fishing nets being great for their fishing function‭, ‬the tool and materials used‭, ‬are dangerous to the ecosystem when they‭ ‬are left behind or lost in the water‭. ‬In such cases‭, ‬stray or lost nets create piles and lumps of nets drawn to the seabed‭. ‬Thus‭, ‬depending on the location could create a home to some organisms or create a threat to others‭. ‬Between land and sea‭, ‬the tools become suspended in space and time‭. Sediments focus on the ghost gears as the main material that holds stories not only through their lifetime but also when they get lost‭. ‬These piles serve as a record‭, ‬to showcase the time they have been lost for‭, ‬the span‭, ‬the height and length they have occupied in the seabed from a woven transparent light net to heavy piles left and aged in the sea‭. ‬Inspected‭, ‬gathered‭, ‬collected‭, ‬lifted‭, ‬pulled out‭, ‬untangled‭, ‬cleaned‭, ‬cut‭, ‬piled again‭, ‬and then compressed‭, ‬the piece aims to‭ ‬re-imagine the seabeds‭, ‬to rebuild the coastlines‭. ‬

These organised compressed piled structures slabs‭, ‬formed in a simple unit creating a‭ ‬linear structure, allowing conversation on ecology‭, ‬environment‭, ‬common space‭, ‬and social aspect to exist‭.‬

Additional information

Inspected‭, ‬gathered‭, ‬collected‭, ‬lifted‭, ‬pulled out‭, ‬untangled‭, ‬cleaned‭, ‬cut‭, ‬piled again‭, ‬and then through a compression moulding process to create slabs of these recycled sediments.

Information submitted by the maker and edited by the Future Materials Bank.


Ghost Gears: collected fishing rope, fishing cage rope which is made of cotton and nylon, recycled rubber grain


Dubai Voluntary Diving Group, Captain Abdulla Muhsen, Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation