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Dye 45 Ink 19 Pigment 49 Plant-based 168 Textile 91


Photos: Elena Pereira

Imprint Archive – In Bloom

We consume flowers daily visually in our domestic living spaces and flowers ingredients incorporated into our moisturisers and perfumes.

On fabric, flower patterns are often depicted. Rather than using an artificial illustration of flowers this project uses real flowers to create unique fabric patterns. The flower selection originated from an abundance of leftovers at flower markets and floriculture in Netherlands and India.

No harmful chemicals were used and only natural fixers and ingredients from the flowers were incorporated.

Additional information

In the same rhythm of block printing, each flower is repeatedly imprinted into the material with its colour, form and imprint.

By removing the process of the perfect imprint one has to select the flower by its form, colour and botanical structure in its real dimensions.
All prints have been fixed with natural chemicals. Flowers have been donated by floriculture and from left overs at flower markets. In the nature of natural dyeing techniques the process has been simplified through pressings and hammering.

Information submitted by the maker and edited by the Future Materials Bank.


Flowers, fabric, paper


Design Academy Eindhoven Contextual Design MA, Biodesign William Myers Het nieuwe Instituut, Doen-materiaalprijs van abbe museum