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Food waste

Photos: Aurora Cicero and Alessandro Rizzo


Alimenta is an experimentation project conducted by Riccardo Cenedella, into food waste and biobased material. Food is everything that is taken in by humans and used to keep them alive. However, we throw away an average of half a kilo of food per day. This means 89 million tons of food wasted each year in Europe only.
In this project, Riccardo tapped his ability in making and develops an ad hoc material using food waste produce by him. The outcomes question our notion of waste and production and show the possibilities of discarded materials.
Riccardo strongly believes that we must create what is yet to come with what is already here.

Additional information

The food waste produced in the household is been blended, dried and smashed into powder. Subsequently, according to a recipe he developed, is mixed with salt and water, shaped and fired at a low temperature. After the firing, the material obtains good strength and the texture shows imperfections due to the variety of food waste.

Information submitted by the maker and edited by the Future Materials Bank.


Food waste, salt.

Physical samples

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