Fruit waste, Banana Peel


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Biodegradable 221 Circular 205 Plant-based 160 Recyclable 110 Algae 9 Banana peel 4 Orange peel 6

Fruit waste, Banana Peel

Photos: Youyang Song


PEELSPHERE™ is a truly circular material made from fruit waste and algae through advanced material engineering. It is created by redefining fruit waste, reducing carbon footprint, and designing for circularity. As an ideal alternative to leather and synthetic leather, PEELSPHERE™ is beautiful, durable, versatile, and biodegradable. Born at the intersectionality of design, material science, and sustainability, PEELSPHERE bears a mission to inspire a sustainable, healthy, and balanced lifestyle through its quality and beauty.
The aim of PEELSPHERE is to provide a holistic material platform and sustainable solution to designers and brands for them to approach their customers with a greater sustainable factor, trying to set a trend of transforming traditional pollutive conventional textile industry to innovative sustainable bio-material industry. With SDG 12 and 13 as a guideline, the material tries to encourage people to conserve the environment and act more responsible towards resource use and promote climate protection.

Information submitted by the maker and edited by the Future Materials Bank.


Fruit-wastes, Banana Peel, Orange Peel, Algae.