Gelatine, Glycerine


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Biodegradable 226 Bioplastic 74 Recyclable 113 Beetroot 3 Gelatine 15 Glycerine 34

Gelatine, Glycerine


The harm caused by disposable plastics has reached an indispensable point. The harm it causes on Earth, especially the water ecosystems, is affecting every kind of creature and all living environments. Unfortunately, people have developed a need for single-use plastic over time and it became an undeniable habit to consume disposable plastic.

Bio’C is a brand where new recipes and methods are designed specifically for takeaway food and beverage stores, which centre around ingredients used in these stores' menus. Using the advantages of biomaterial to create new ways of using and integrating auxiliary ingredients like sauces and spices into their packaging.

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After all the ingredients are cooked together it forms into a dense liquid form and is then poured onto a surface for 7 to 8 hours. After 7 hours it becomes jelly-like and is then placed on the mould and air dried for 8 more hours. Beetroot is used as a natural dye to pigment the material.

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Gelatine, glycerine, water, beetroot

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