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Gin waste

Photos: Tom Mannion, Maël Hénaff, Ben Turner


Echoes is natural leather with the basic qualities of traditional leather but with the ability to be more creative in its design. Born by upcycling the botanical residues discarded during the Gin-making process, Echoes naturally save resources and time.

Combining Gin pomace of different fibre textures with construction waste to create decorative panels, and following this with an aesthetic symbiosis of different colours and textures to achieve a balanced sustainable and luxurious automotive CMF design.

Sustainable luxury is the concept of returning to the essence of luxury with its traditional focus on thoughtful purchasing and artisanal manufacturing, the beauty of quality materials and respect for social and environmental issues. This deeper approach requires and will require, a relentless search for knowledge, discovery and understanding.

The work in this discipline combines practical knowledge of functional and technical properties of material technologies with intangible human perceptions of value.

Most of the ECO materials currently used in cars are based on the recycling and reuse of traditional materials. So I wanted to give a different value and meaning to traditional eco-friendly materials, including the enhancement of experience and senses, the search for cultural meaning and the understanding of time, in order to give people a higher quality mobility experience.

Perhaps ECHOES is the answer.

Inspired by the challenge to turn CMF design into a sustainable practice, we discovered the beauty in the waste of Gin. 85% of the raw materials used in the production of Echoes come from the waste materials used in the production of Gin.

This is an exploration into the future of sustainability and high-end automotive interior design. It is believed that this will be a fresh start to finding a balance between sustainability and luxury.

Information submitted by the maker and edited by the Future Materials Bank.


Waste of Gin, Architecture waste: dust and broken marble


City of London Distillery

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