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Plant-based 176 Grass 5 Metal 3


Photos: Kristian Holm, Sara Martinsen

A Tale Of Grass

Grass and straw [Poaceae]
Family: Gramineae, The grass family with more than 12.00 species.
Height: From a few centimetres to 40 meters like bamboo
Location and climate: All climates
Pollination: Wind

The grass family is found in all climates (ex Antarctica) on Thundras, prairies, wetlands and forests covering 40% of the land area on Earth.
Grasses have been here for thousands of years and of all crops, 70% are grasses including cereal grasses like wheat, maize and rice providing a major source of carbohydrates for humans. Grass is also a major food source for insects, birds, small and large mammals and domesticated animals.

Grass is the primary plant in lawns and a fertilised garden lawn or golf course is found to contain as little biodiversity as a paved area. Nutrient-poor soil gives room for different plant species so a green well-trimmed lawn with no room for moss, dandelions or different weeds is not inviting butterflies, bees or beetles to visit.

Building material, biofuel, paper, insulation, mats, baskets and alcohol. Grass provides important erosion control due to its root system.

Most grass stems are hollow and called straw.

Making process

Multiple grass straws are mounted on a thin metal structure and repeated in levels. This way the object becomes a long tale hanging from the ceiling reflecting light and inviting you to touch, smell and experience the object up close.

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Grass, metal