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Biodegradable 228 Circular 215 Hemp 10 Water 28


Photos: Luca Tichelman, Hannah Segerkrantz


Hemp is a versatile and sustainable material, absorbing more CO2 per hectare than any commercial crop. When combining hemp shivs with a lime binder, the 'hempcrete' made has the strength of concrete and the flexibility of clay. The material is widely used in sustainable building but has little application on a smaller, artistic scale.

Further exploring the potential of the material, 'Hemp-it-yourself' creates a new method of applying hempcrete to a collection of furniture pieces by merging material knowledge with a low-end approach to meet the values of sustainability. The semi-modular system consists of six shapes that are cast into fabric form-works and can be mixed and matched together to create objects with various heights, volumes and functions.

Inspired by the democratic design philosophy, the side tables are based on a manual and can be produced locally, giving power to the user. When various people around the world make a side table according to the Hemp-it-yourself manual, a network of makers is created, shifting the focus from the individual designer to a collective, global, local practice. The project aims to encourage the usage of natural materials and on-demand production.

Information submitted by the maker and edited by the Future Materials Bank.


Hemp shivs, hydrated lime, mineral additives, water