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Fibre 64


Photos: Juan Bernardo Silva, Juliana Gómez


The 'green lungs' of the earth or the Amazon Rainforest faces indiscriminate logging. By 2020, 60% of the total deforestation that affected Colombia was concentrated in the Amazon region and one of the greatest issues is the use of native woods. The “Yaré” is one of the fibres commonly called vine, these are roots located in the Colombian Amazon which are also endangered due to the deforestation of the jungle.

Starting from the idea of a 'primitive' object, the design proposes to take advantage of a renewable material: the Yaré. Here the design collection Ibuju is born, a collection made out of this natural fibre, rethinking the design and the manufacturing of native wooden pieces using new and sustainable materials.

Yaré is an example of the great biodiversity that Colombia has. This plant is extracted by indigenous communities in the south of Colombia, it grows on trees and has been used by local communities for the development of handcrafts.

This Ibuju project starts with a group of weavers, translating this material into furniture.

Information submitted by the maker and edited by the Future Materials Bank.


Yaré (heterosis a)