Hemp, Tobacco, Grape leftover




Main ingredients

Hemp, Tobacco, Grape leftover


The 'Highlight' biocomposite is an alternative solution to fossil fuel-based materials that currently flood the market. The ‘Highlight’ collection is made from hemp, tobacco, and grape leftovers.

The Highlight Hemp biocomposite is made from industrial ‘Carmagnola’ hemp cultivated at 1300 meter above sea level. The hemp is cultivated for the wellness and beauty sector to produce oil. Nothing gets wasted: all the leftovers resulting from oil production are used to create the biocomposite.
The Highlight Wine biocomposite is made from the by-product of wine production. The pomace - a pulpy leftover of the grapes, is collected from local biologic wineries in South-Tyrol.
The Highlight Tobacco biocomposite is made from Venetian tobacco harvest leftovers, such as leaves and stalks.

The materials are manufactured through a high-pressure molding process and finished with natural beeswax, which creates a shiny surface and protects from moisture.

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Ingredient list

Hemp production by-products, winery by-products 'pomace', tobacco harvest leftovers, and biobased glue.

Photo credits

Material Photos: HIGHSOCIETY STUDIO Lighting Photos: BEPPE BRANCATO / IG: @beppebrancato_studio Lighting Set Stylist: MARTINA SANZARELLO / IG: @martina_sanzarello

Physical samples

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