Hemp, Tobacco, Grape leftover


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Biodegradable 236 Circular 220 Composite 99 Plant-based 172 Vegan 89 Hemp 10

Hemp, Tobacco, Grape leftover
Hemp, Tobacco, Grape leftover
Hemp, Tobacco, Grape leftover
Hemp, Tobacco, Grape leftover

Photos: Material Photos: HIGHSOCIETY STUDIO Lighting Photos: BEPPE BRANCATO / IG: @beppebrancato_studio Lighting Set Stylist: MARTINA SANZARELLO / IG: @martina_sanzarello

Highlight Collection

The 'Highlight' bio-composite is an alternative solution to fossil fuel-based materials that currently flood the market. The ‘Highlight’ collection is made from hemp, tobacco and grape leftovers.

The Highlight Hemp bio-composite is made from industrial ‘carmagnola’ hemp cultivated at 1300 meters above sea level. The hemp is cultivated for the wellness and beauty sector to produce oil. Nothing gets wasted: all the leftovers resulting from oil production are used to create the bio-composite.

The Highlight Wine bio-composite is made from the by-product of wine production. The pomace – a pulpy leftover of the grapes, is collected from local biologic wineries in South Tyrol.

The Highlight Tobacco bio-composite is made from Venetian tobacco harvest leftovers, such as leaves and stalks.

The materials are manufactured through a high-pressure moulding process and finished with natural beeswax, which creates a shiny surface and protects from moisture.

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Hemp production by-products, winery by-products 'pomace', tobacco harvest leftovers, bio-based glue

Physical samples

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Accessible to participants at the Jan van Eyck Academie and during Open Studios.

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