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The Baby Bucha Project

An art object "dies" and "is buried" when it is completed and displayed, but these works are alive and require the participation and care of both visitors and exhibition staff. That a presumed object has its own agent that places demands on the presumed subjects it interacts with and holds us accountable for when we weigh with our eyes. Maybe it can make us more attentive, listening and reading. We see the human, even when we know that what we are studying is scoby-kombucha and we become aware of our inevitably anthropocentric gaze.

These installations of a bio-material are made from scoby-kombucha through a specific process. The kombucha culture is being cultivated with a method with roots in China, in a vat filled with tea and sugar, both known in the past as typical colonial goods. During the process, the bacteria culture begins to ferment and creates a thick layer of cellulose material that resembles human flesh. You could say Anna grew her own skin. The process is slow, and the development of the material requires a level of commitment. In return, she got a self-produced material that allows for her independence.

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Ingredient list

Yeast, bacteria, tea, sugar.

Photo credits

Amanda Nilsson