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Photos: Linda Brouwers, Àmber van de Ven, Noël van de Ven

PUUR – a bag made of fruit

The PUUR project is a material exploration project centred around the creation of a fruit leather.

It began with the question: What is the potential use of biomaterials on a small scale?

From this question, the designer created 'recipes' that are open source, so that others can make their own with biomaterials. A new research question was formulated: How can we implement biomaterials in people their everyday life in an easy way?

This resulted in the creation of a fruit leather bag. With the use of leftover mango's from the markets and the waste of curtain fabrics, the designer has created a strong material that has the feel and look of leather. Using mango leather can be used as an alternative to animal leather and vegan leather, which is often 'leather' made out of plastics.

Additional information

The making process is based on a recipe that is used to make healthy candy for kids; fruitleather rolls. With only the blended pulp of the mango, it is possible to make a piece of leather if you spread it on a layer of fabric. After that, it needs to dry in the oven till all the water is evaporated.

Information submitted by the maker and edited by the Future Materials Bank.




Jeroen de Kock, Marja Bernst

Physical samples

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