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Animal material 61 Biodegradable 228 Circular 215 Glaze 16 Ink 19 Paint 19 Pigment 49 Recyclable 115 Recycled 121 Milk 6


Photos: Ekaterina Semenova

Care For Milk

Overproduction and continuous price drops have seen our appreciation of milk sink to an all-time low.

With 'Care For Milk' designer Ekaterina Semenova wants to reclaim the value of this characteristic Dutch dairy product. Focusing on waste reduction, she collected leftovers from neighbourhood households to experiment with new uses, by dipping earthenware into different dairy products, various shades of silky brown appear after baking. Depending on the type and fatness of the milk she can achieve different colour palettes.

Information submitted by the maker and edited by the Future Materials Bank.



Physical samples

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