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Biodegradable 226 Hemp 10 Mycelium 23


Photos: Park Yoon

Mycelium Ware

Craft Combine designed a collection of containers made of mycelium, a biodegradable material, through a collaboration with BIO LAB SEOUL, a public biology laboratory. In this project, the morphological motif is a pottery that has made rapid progress in the life of prehistoric humans. We expressed the hope that environmentally friendly materials will once again revolutionise human life.

Mycelium has the characteristics of self-assembly and being combined with agricultural byproducts to grow into composite materials. In this process, it is difficult to obtain a consistent form and quality product because the growth control process is not easy. However, they thought this feature is linked to the craft’s characteristics.

Inside the 3D printed mould, mycelium, mixed with straw, was grown to create Mycelium ware, which has different shapes and textures like pottery made by hand but has a unique look. In particular, the comb-pattern pottery was applied to the mycelium ware to reveal the pottery representing the Neolithic Age of the Korean Peninsula.

Additional information

It is produced through the growth of mycelium.

Information submitted by the maker and edited by the Future Materials Bank.


Mycelium, hemp straw