Mycelium sausages

Mycelium sausages is a technique in which live mycelium is mixed with a substrate, pushed into a cotton bandage and freely woven into a shape. Over 2-3 weeks the material will grow and dry into a robust structure. The process can be thought of as something between traditional rattan weaving and manual 3D printing, as it allows one to form a diverse range of shapes using a long tube of mycelium. The technique was developed to explore new ways of fabricating mycelium objects without the need for moulds.

This ongoing exploration was first exhibited at the London Festival of Architecture in June 2017.

Ingredient list

Mycelium, recycled paper, sawdust, wood chip, cotton bandage.


Caracara Collective


Structure grown from "mushroom sausages" shows potential for zero-waste architecture (Article)

Photo credits

Dennis Konoi