Linseed, Calcite, Bentonite


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Oil 8 Plant-based 167 Vegan 87 Bentonite 2 Calcite grain 2 Linseed 5

Linseed, Calcite, Bentonite

Natural impasto medium to extend paint

Impasto medium is an oil painting medium of finely ground calcite, silica and bentonite in pale linseed oil.

It can be used to extend paint or pigments without altering the consistency. Stiffer than synthetic medium, this putty-like medium makes colours slightly transparent while allowing you to build up thicker applications of paint. When added to oil paint, Impasto medium does not alter its colour temperature and can be thinned with natural oils. Depending upon the proportion added to the paint, impasto medium does not affect the drying time that significantly.

Impasto medium does not contain stearates, solvents, driers or natural or synthetic resins, which makes it safe to add to oil paint without the worry of cracking or delaminating.

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Bentonite, calcite, linseed

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