Organic waste

Organic waste

Agro Biomaterials

Agro is a brand that generates products with biomaterials made from organic waste as a solution to food waste and as an alternative to synthetic materials. Converting the resulting material into a 100% biodegradable, compostable and even edible product.
Under the slogan: "We inspire towards a sustainable present through circularity." The aim is to raise public awareness to establish ethical and sustainable values as a way of life.

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To obtain the material, it is necessary to use the following raw materials: cornstarch, white vinegar, vegetable glycerin, water and organic waste, specifically from fruits or vegetables.
For its production, you only need basic kitchen tools such as: a saucepan, a mixer, a spoon and a flat surface of approximately 1.5m x 0.5m to spread the mixture and let the biomaterial dry for four days until it is completely dried.
Once the bioplastic is ready, we can use it for any application, such as: laser-engraved business cards, menus for restaurants, food bags, packaging... The biomaterial lasts up to three years and is resistant to water for up to two hours before it disappears completely.


Organic waste, Cornstarch, White vinegar, Vegetal glycerin, Sometimes recycled esparto fibers


Agro Biomaterials


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