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Recyclable 115 Recycled 121 Cardboard waste 3 Cassava starch 4 Cement 2 Paper pulp 3 Paper waste 2


Photos: Camila Montenegro Pitteta

Paper Pulp

Design Studio Lasfibras, based in Uruguay, focuses on transforming leftover materials into fresh designs that can play a new role in our daily lives.

Through a unique technique, Lasfibras explores the essence of materials by transforming them into furniture pieces, green products, objects and spatial installations. Experimenting with different shapes, raw materials and making processes are their core value and they apply this way of working to art, furniture and waste management.

This series of objects arrived from a collection of sketches and explore the new use of waste streams from companies and consumers. Through the pieces, leftover materials like; paper, cardboard, wood, flour, water and cement are transformed into unique handmade objects and furniture. The process of working with what already exists goes beyond what we know and opens up a new dimension of creation without production limitations.

The studio managed to create several objects that could be reproduced and are part of a catalogue they currently have featured on their website. This allows the project to become economically profitable and therefore allows the designers to invest in the creation of new objects, furniture pieces and commissioned products or installations.

Additional information

The creation process begins by managing the waste that arrives at the studio from different companies and consumers. When all the materials are sorted, they are cleaned and the needed tools for the production process are prepared. When everything is ready they start mixing; cement, flour, moist paper pulp and cassava starch into a paste. When the paste is sticky and malleable enough they start shaping the object onto a structure made from other leftovers like; glass, cardboard etc.

Information submitted by the maker and edited by the Future Materials Bank.


Paper waste, cardboard waste, wood waste, flour waste, cassava starch, water, cement