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Pine tree


PineResin is a material research project and quest for discovering new material relationships deriving from the byproducts of timber industry. The glass-like composite pays tribute to the pine tree in particular and what is left from it after it has been cut down. Pine resin, sawdust, bark and cellulose become building blocks that together shape new textures, shapes and structures. Recipes, that vary in ingredients, fibre size and various proportions, show that each ingredient can become the main carrier itself.
On a broader level Sarmite Polakova looks at the resources of forests. She aims to create alternative production paradigms for the tree cutting industry with less emphasis on timber production. Just like the forest itself, PineResin is an ecosystem of life forms, interdependence and symbiosis.

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Ingredient list

Pine resin, sawdust, charcoal, ground bark.

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Sarmite Polakova