Posidonia oceanica


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Bioresin 21 Circular 213 Bioresin 6 Posidonia 2

Posidonia oceanica

Photos: Erminia Aurora Rizzacasa


Endèmica is a research project on the Mediterranean Sea, which analyses it both as a place of culture and as a biome, that is, as a habitat made up of plant species that are found only along the shores of this sea.

Some of these species represent an underestimated material resource and one of the objectives of the project is to create a new language, a new aesthetic of these natural materials. Endèmica was born from the need to structure a collection of products that demonstrate the possibility to maintain a sustainable supply chain that exploits the indigenous resources of the Mediterranean biome: a material re-localisation.

The potential of biomasses and natural resins extracted from endemic species of the Mediterranean coasts have been analysed through in-depth research. This project aims to bring process innovation , which is aware of the fact that sustainability is a local fact and that a product/process can only be defined as sustainable when it is connected to local circuits of materials and energy, consumption and needs, respecting the natural specificities. The process operates from a circular design perspective, a design that tries to fit into the natural flows of material and resources by exploiting the output of the natural system as input from the industrial system.

Information submitted by the maker and edited by the Future Materials Bank.


Posidonia fibre, bio-epoxy resin