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Photos: Julio Feroz, M. Isabel Torres

Posidonia Seafloor

Posidonia is a genus of flowering plants. It contains nine species of marine plants, found in the seas of the Mediterranean and around the south coast of Australia. It is one of the most important natural values of the Mediterranean Sea, but at the same time, it is also one of the most threatened species of the planet, 25% of its extension has been lost. To prevent that, in some countries, it's a protected species.

Though we cannot see it, there is a magical process happening under the surface. When the rhizome of the plant loses its fibers, the movement of the sea sews natural fiber balls that are given to us as a present, arriving at the Mediterranean coasts.

The objective is to create a very located material using those balls in order to benefit the economy of the regions around this sea and help local sustainable companies.

Additional information

This material is created by sewing balls of Posidonia. Optionally it's possible to apply a mix of pine rosin, agar-agar, and water to prevent from losing its fibers.

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Posidonia, cotton thread. Optional protection: a mix of rosin, agar agar, water

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