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Prefabricated seaweed thatch panels

Imagine a building material that is rot resistant, fire resistant, non-toxic, insulates comparably with mineral wool and can be used to create carbon negative buildings? Actually, this is a material which has been used for centuries around the world, until we forgot how to use it. It’s called eelgrass, and is a type of seagrass.

By combining the traditional seaweed thatching technique from Læsø, with prefabrication, these convenient panels, install easily on roofs and facades. In theory, they can provide supplementary insulation and act as a type of green roofing material by supporting local plant life. In 2019, the Seaweed Pavilion was built with these panels to test them and to encourage the general public to experience eelgrass as a building material.

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Eelgrass, seaweed, seagrass


Boligfondens Kuben Spirekasse

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Kel Hudson

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Accessible to visitors of the Future Materials Lab