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Biodegradable 227 Fibre 63 Plant-based 165 Recyclable 115 Textile 88 Vegan 86


Hey Jute

Growing between two to five metres in under three months, jute fibres are incredibly long and strong.
Working with these qualities to needle punch the raw fibre, results in a thin, light, strong non-woven textile.

100% raw jute delivers a biodegradable textile that does not require any additional binders, has great insulator qualities and can be applied in interiors on walls and floors, or used to upholster furniture.

Custom tools for artisanal production and a specialised carding process for machine production were developed in-house.

The Hey Jute raw-crafted felt was a New Material Award 2018 finalist. When the raw material has so much to offer, it’s time more people wake up to its value.

Information submitted by the maker and edited by the Future Materials Bank.


Raw jute fibre


Marian Verdonk, MAD Brussels, Fonds Kwadraat, FlandersDC, WBDM

Physical samples

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