Recycled paper


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Biodegradable 204 Circular 194 Plant-based 152 Recyclable 104 Recycled 110 Flour 4 Recycled paper 2 Seed 4 Water 26

Recycled paper

Pulp Fusion

Pulp Fusion is a process and a material recipe elaborated over two and a half years and about three hundred tests. Pulp Fusion enabled the Paper Chair project and other furniture.
Mostly made out of recycled paper, the objects produced using Pulp Fusion are beautiful, solid and resistant but they would also collapse if left outside during a winter. The designs would collapse and start to compost during rain falls while the sleeping seeds hidden inside their bodies would bloom in spring. Flowers, trees, of pioneering species would grow from the remains of the designs.
Engineered in opposite to plastic chairs that pollute the world, the Pulp Fusion Paper Chair is re-greening the environment if trashed.
Made using a completely cold process that needs only material from the close environment, the Pulp Fusion furniture can be done at home by population with scarce resources, for who it becomes a good source of revenue. The production can be done discreetly, without a plant, with an extremely limited carbon footprint.

Additional information

All ingredients are mixed thoroughly into a paste which is spread on the mould, drying process is natural under the sun.

Information submitted by the maker and edited by the Future Materials Bank.


Recycled paper, flour, water, seed, nutrient


Guillaume Credoz, Phillipine Harb, Shant Chillirjian, Shant Antaynilian, Laetitia jbeily