Recycled plastic


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Recycled 120 ldpe 5

Recycled plastic

Photos: Kuo Duo

Weave Plastic

Weave Plastic is the result of Kuo Duo's further experiment with recycled plastic boards and the outcome of reconsidering how could they use it fully environmentally with no waste. Since they’ve made various furniture using this material for other projects, there were a lot of leftovers piled up in the factory. Kuo Duo came up with an idea of utilising these offcuts to create new products, but it was tricky to use the board as it is because all offcuts were different in shape and for some only the edges remained. Thus, they tried to slice it with table saw. By slicing the recycled plastic boards into thin layers, the solid material became flexible straps, which gave them a hint to design new products by weaving them together. Various types of woven baskets were created using this new plastic straps, whereas the form was inspired by traditional oriental baskets.

Information submitted by the maker and edited by the Future Materials Bank.


Recycled LDPE