Recycled plastic


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Circular 215 Recyclable 115 HDPE 10 Plastic 17

Recycled plastic

Photos: Jessica den Hartog


A personal interpretation of the possibilities of recycled plastic. A material with its own quality and identity. The research arose from the preference to work with the material plastic and the absence of quality aesthetics in its final recycled form.

As a designer, Jessica den Hartog started a research project that serves as a library of colours and materials in a never-ending process. Exploring all the possibilities of recycled plastic, transforming them into new materials – to provide her and others with aesthetic materials made from waste.

Starting with a bale of HDPE plastic and separating this by colour, the designer sorted, washed and recycled it all by hand.

This gave her the opportunity to search for the limit of usefulness through experimentation. This boundary of opportunities and knowledge from the industry and herself excited her to walk new paths.

Within the plastic recycling industry, no distinction is made between the colour of the plastic. All colours of any kind of plastic are recycled together, making it a grey raw material (granulated).

The ways in which materials and colours are used in the process will most likely change. It is a new way of thinking. It started by experimenting with materials and colours that already exist, to give them a second life, better life.

Information submitted by the maker and edited by the Future Materials Bank.


Post-consumer plastic, HDPE.