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Street Posters

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As digitalisation proceeds, the era of posters is coming to an end. Layers of information that cover city walls will soon vanish. It will take decades before the anthropological value of these paper remains is recognised as an abundant source of information about what we eat, what we do, who we vote for and what problems we fight today. But what if it is too late by then? As a curator of current culture, Rita Osipova uses the form language of the ancient Greeks to create modern artefacts. She collected street posters in Berlin, London, Paris and Rotterdam and sculpted them into archaeological finds. What is now seen as trash may be unique pieces of heritage in the future.

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The street posters appear on top of each other unconsciously without much intervention from the creator. Rita Osipova is just a curator of that communal work of many people that are creating layers of information about the present historical era.

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Street Posters

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Rita Osipova