Main ingredients


Tomato filament

Species: Tomato plant
Typology of material: Plastic - 3d printing filament
Parts of the species used: Leaves and stems
Other elements used: PLA
State of development: Currently on the market

This tomato filament is a bio-composite material of natural origin, versatile, compostable and 100% made in Italy.
It is a 3D printing filament obtained from the waste from tomatoes, which are added to a PLA (polylactic acid) base, giving it greater elasticity.

It enjoys a fusion between perfect layer and better resistance to deformation compared to PLA.

The surface finish is unmistakable and gives value to the molded piece: the tomato filament has a red color (slightly dotted with green) and gives excellent aesthetic, olfactory and tactile sensations.

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Ingredient list

PLA + tomato leaves and stems.