Walnut Oil for oil painting

Organic refined walnut oil is slow-drying, non-toxic, and suitable to blend with mineral oil pigments to make natural oil paint.

Walnut oil in contrast to linseed oil doesn't yellow over time. Simply bring earth pigment on to a palette and pour a small amount of walnut oil on top. Mix with a palette knife or glass muller until you achieve a smooth, thick consistency. Walnut oil is also great for thinning and adding fluidity to paint, and for cleaning brushes.

Basically walnut oil is the most perfect oil to mix your natural pigments. The oil does not yellow artworks overtime and has a long shelf life. Old masters such as Rembrandt made their paints with walnut oil and throughout the years the colors remain beautiful and the paint lasts for years on all types of surfaces, such as Canvas. It also cleans your brushes and is a perfect substitute for solvents.




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