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Biodegradable 222 Circular 206 Plant-based 161 Regenerative 44 Wood 6


Photos: Chris Webb or Gavin Repton

The Full Grown Project

Intersecting the boundaries between Nature and Art, Science and Horticulture, Manufacture and Design, Alice & Gavin Munro join hands with our ancestors across the millennia.

They employ ancient techniques & the miracle of photosynthesis by reconceiving harmful manufacture into bio-facture, integrating the artistic and romantic into the scientific, reconsidering the way we produce our everyday objects. Their carbon sink grown sculptures are functional, beautiful objets d’art.

Alice & Gavin reconsider the Agricultural Revolution and bypass the previous profligate commercial use of trees as a timber commodity (together with the attendant machinery & processing), and create each piece with a ‘carbon sink 3d printer’, a magnificent tree.

Each tree creates the material & forms the shape using the miracle of photosynthesis, with each species demonstrating its idiosyncrasies of growth, displaying for all some of the assumptions & lessons learned throughout intricate & convoluted process.

This represents a paradigm shift in the previous egregious plundering of our world’s natural resources, transforming our relationship with nature, creating our everyday objects by employing the most subtle intervention with Nature.

Additional information

Full Grown shapes living trees into elegant and unique furniture through the most subtle interaction with the natural world possible.

Using ancient techniques combined with modern technology we grow, shape, graft, nurture then harvest the living trees into furniture and art.

Each piece is then dried carefully over a year or so and then planed and polished to an eminently touchable finish. Each piece is unique, epitomising elegant cooperation between nature and craftsmen that could last for hundreds of years.

Information submitted by the maker and edited by the Future Materials Bank.


Chlorophyll, air, soil, sunshine.

Plus a few hand tools:
stainless steel screws, string, rain, fungi, worms, birds, bees, a small forest really, some wood, blood, sweat, tears, lots and lots of love.


World Hope Forum - video talk and tour of the chair orchard, Louis Vuitton - 200th birthday celebrations