Wool, Earth


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Wool, Earth

Photos: Liliana Carvalho, Jorge Moita


Terra&Som is an investigation project started by Liliana Carvalho that intends to develop acoustic elements built with natural fibres and earth. This project’s main focus is to explore existing acoustic methods and strategies by means of vernacular earth construction practices and studies. Supported by the new digital tools on both acoustic and construction fields, T&S aims to create potential acoustic eco-friendly products that follow a circular economy approach.

Additional information

The initial laboratory tests provided the acoustic characterization for a series of natural fibres with different earth mixture samples. This embryonic stage was a steppingstone for future acoustic material development, contributing with lab values for each of the proposed earth and fibres mixture. The acknowledgement of how Portuguese natural wool needs rethinking in the current market was added to the interesting absorption values revealed by the lab results for the natural wool with light earth method (LEM). This formula became simple, as the wool has incredible sustainable qualities, and a new material can be wrought to deliver good acoustic results in an eco-conscious manner.

The 'brickwool' was designed with a round shape form to be part of an acoustic barrier system, calculated through a specific column display, imprinting the first T&S work. It is built with two different type of earth mixtures that compose the LEM, one more clayey than the other - of which the final composition includes two parts for one less clayey. The natural wool was washed with a cleaning agent to facilitate the workshop production and dried in the Sun. The original composition of the 'brickwool' is the mixture of 1/3 of sieved earth for 2/3 of natural washed and dried wool mixed with water, which results in a light-weighted and high dense material.

It is ambitious to recover the Portuguese wool waste to become an 'acousticware' for the construction market. With 'brickwool', T&S explores the potential of this material as viable source, giving it a new value through the weight of innovation - by the means of translating vernacular practices through contemporary digital tools for simulation and calculation.

Information submitted by the maker and edited by the Future Materials Bank.


Earth, natural wool.


A project built with ACIV (from UC) and CRU arch studio, developed at Oficinas da Terra from OC in Montemor-O-Novo, support by MINGA Coop, Arteria_Lab, and sponsored by Magallanes_ICC - Interreg ES-PT, University of Évora