- Biopolymer gel - Sutherlin Santo - [1] 6.75 x 2 x 2.5 inch biopolymer/paper pulp aggregate block laminated in Carbon-sequestering plant and clay-based biopolymer coating. [2] 7.5 x 3 inch grey soft biopolymer/paper pulp aggregate "foam" sample. [3] 7.5 x 3 inch 3D printed textured biopolymer sample. more info below. All three were produced using a plant starch based (in this case a combination of arrowfoot and potato starches) Sample 132-3 represents the simplest form, 3D printed using a highliy articulated toolpath which produced a textured appearance. Samples 132-1 and 132-2 are the same base material, however paper pulp has been added to their formulas to produce more rigid outcomes. Sample 132-1 was part of a larger block of biopolymer/paper pulp aggregate which was poured into a mould, then milled. The resulting block was laminated in the same base biopolymer formula which also included a clay aggregate for increased rigidity and a thicker application. Sample 132-2 is a sheet material (again biopolymer and paper pulp) however a foaming agent has been added which gives the sample a softer feel despite the hardness produced by the paper pulp.

Photo of Biopolymer gel

Biopolymer gel

Sutherlin Santo